Dr. Jeffrey Anderson

Benefits and Dosage of Sesame Oil Infusions

by Dr. Jeffry Anderson, MD

Cannabis products can provide significant benefit for enhancing immunity as well as having anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. New CBD dominant formulas in sesame oil have been developed by Healing Essence and are now available throughout the US.


The formulas are 24:1 CBD:THC infused in organically grown sesame oil. Sesame oil infusions have major advantages over olive oil, being 100 times more bioavailable to the lymphatic system for more tissue/organ penetration and cell concentration; especially beneficial for neurological conditions and boosting the immune system. Visit cbd-book.com to find out more. There is no membership application required. Click the Order tab to go directly to our e-commerce page, which now accepts debit / credit card payment. Both sesame oil formulas are available: AM formula (Ringo’s Gift), a CBD sativa hybrid and PM formula, AC/DC Indica hybrid. Both formulas are non-psycho-active and contain less than 0.3% THC. The Healing Essence AM formula can be more energizing, and the PM formula more relaxing and sleep enhancing. All CBD products can have anti-anxiety effects as well as the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immune modulating effects.

Dosage for the AM and PM formulas are the same. Begin initially with 10 drops, increased to a maximum of 20 drops per dose. Healing Essence CBD formulas can be taken 2 X / day, every 12 hrs. It is always advised to start out with a lower dose and titrate up slowly. As with all naturally crafted CBD products, experiences may differ slightly from individual to individual and batch to batch. So, notice how you feel with different dosages, to attain your ideal experience.